Congratulations on taking on extraordinary health and well-being, and welcome to the NOW Nation! This page details the commitments to take on for your health and vitality. 

You are on the path to having more energy, feeling more alive, and knowing yourself as someone who can accomplish anything that you want, by setting goals and taking the necessary actions every day to achieve them. We got the results that we did from working out for thirty minutes per day. That’s not to say it is, or was, always easy, but it is fun, fulfilling and energizing, especially with a supportive and inspiring community at your back! 

Below are the commitments necessary for participation and success in the Choose Fitness NOW challenge. You may already taken on many of these items in preparation for the challenge or in your life, generally. They are all listed here to ensure you have all the fundamental groundwork laid that you need for success. 

The total time requirement per day (including working out and checking in) will be less than one hour, and will depend slightly on which program you choose. Most of the commitments below relate to your state of mind, attitude and mental state. Set aside any overwhelm you might feel. Getting fit is about mind, body and fuel. The challenge addresses all three, through the following promises: 

+ I will be responsible with my workouts and my health.

If you have any preexisting medical conditions, or suspect you have sustained an injury at any time during the challenge, make sure to seek professional advice from your physician.

+ I will give up my past relationship to (and views about) fitness.

Give up any disempowering thoughts you might have about whether or not you will be successful, or about “what kind of a person you are” in relationship to food, eating, fitness, health choices, etc. Your past has nothing to do with what you are creating and taking on NOW. You have never stood here before. The physical, emotional, and mental results that you will produce are limited only by what you can see as possible. Set yourself free. Unleash the healthy new you!

+ I will create and visualize Me 2.0.

Envision yourself as you want to be. Whether it’s wearing a new outfit, gaining flexibility and balance, getting back into “skinny” jeans, showing off your biceps to friends, or having the energy to play with your kids or grandkids, or to go for a walk or go hiking with a loved one, put a picture of it in your mind. Create a mental image of who you are becoming, and get a feel for what it is like to be that happy and healthy version of you. Then, BE it!

+ I will enroll my family and friends in my goals.

The people closest to you are an invaluable support structure and can help hold you accountable for the things you are committed to achieving.

+ I will use appropriate training equipment.

Be sure to wear cross-training sneakers that provide support and cushion. Check your program’s specific requirements for mats, bands, or weights. There are several programs available that require zero equipment.

+ I will press “Play” every day and complete the program.

For many programs, this requires a time commitment of thirty minutes per day, 5-7 days per week. Follow the schedule provided in your selected program.

+ I will document my physical results.

Take before and after photos as instructed in your program, log before and after measurements, and complete the fitness test at the beginning and the end of every thirty days.

+ I will eat clean, avoid junk food, and track my food intake (if you have a weight loss goal).

For those of you with a weight loss goal, food tracking is imperative. Set aside any preconceived notions you have about it, and download an app like MyFitnessPal and use it daily. You will receive a separate email with specific instructions and how-to videos concerning MyFitnessPal. Think of food tracking as the ability to “preview” what you are about to eat. Enter it into the app before you start eating, and check out how it feels, how it aligns with your food and fitness goals, and how it impacts your macronutrient percentages. Then, you can reconsider if you no longer feel it’s aligned with what you are committed to. If it is aligned with your goals, and you eat it, the tracking is already done!

+ I will not obsess over the scale.

Don’t gauge your success by the number you see on the scales. Through this journey, you will lose fat and gain muscle. Muscle is 18% more dense than fat. This is why tracking your measurements is important, and a more accurate reflection of your success than strictly the number on the scale. If you want to monitor progress, you can take photos and document measurements on a weekly basis.

+ I will log and report my workouts daily with the group.

Share your physical activity, as well as social and emotional results with the Challenge Group, which you can access with your private invite to the MyChallengeTracker App. This is a NOW Nation group where we will share inspiration, motivation, results, breakdowns, breakthroughs and successes! It is a safe space, and a closed group in a private app.

+ I will engage positively with the group and be coachable.

No matter what happens during the challenge, every moment is a new opportunity for you to be empowered to choose health and fitness as a way of life. Encourage others to maintain a positive attitude, and avoid engaging in negative self-talk or group-talk. Take the coaching provided in the group and try it out in your life, for yourself. Review the daily affirmations, inspirations and motivations. Do not solicit, market or sell any products or services to other member of the group.

+ I will be in communication.

Request coaching if you are dealing with something that is taking you out of the game. If you miss a workout or eat that Twinkie by accident, don’t hide out, communicate! We are all here to support one another in total success and 100% completion.

+ I will have fun and be patient.

This is not a quick fix. Being healthy is a lifestyle choice that you are making. Relate to it that way. BE a fit, happy and healthy person.

+ I will get sufficient sleep.

Sleep has been shown to be just as important to health (and weight loss!) as working out and eating well. The number of hours required differs from person to person, but a good target to aim for is 7-8 hours per night. If you find it difficult to get sufficient sleep, invest in a sleep tracker (UP!, Basis or Fitbit) to get a handle on what's really so with how much sleep you are getting.

+ I will pay it forward!

Share your accomplishments beyond the group, and invite others to join you in your new, healthy lifestyle. You never know if you could be the one to make a real difference for someone who has given up on their physical fitness, and inspire them to make a change.