Start Here

1. Join or be added to the Facebook group Choose Fitness NOW

2. Sign up for your free account at

3. Review and accept the Commitments

4. Review and select a fitness program. You can find video samples of many of the most popular workouts to help you select a Program. Reach out to Lauren if you want recommendations or have questions. 

5. Review the options to determine how to structure your participation (free vs. paid, Challenge Pack vs. streaming). If you need help ordering a Challenge Pack, go here for step-by-step screenshots on how to navigate the Beachbody website.

6. Take before photos and measurements, with the linked instructions. 

7. (optional) Do a Fit Test, if your program includes one. 

8. Download the Facebook Groups App for your phone. Save the Group as a Shortcut on your Home Screen.

9. Make sure the Group is tagged as a Favorite in Facebook and make sure Group Notifications are ON. 

10. Use the Introduction Template and post your introduction to the Facebook group.

      You can also find these steps, as well as the templates in the FILES tab on the Facebook group page.  

      Watch your transformation unfold and share yourself with your communities!